“In the end, the film business always deals with people. As in no other business, and independent of content and motives, people are active for people, move and challenge people.”
Nikolaus Wisiak – Producer


Pre tv was founded in Graz in 1981 and has developed from a services provider continuously in the direction of production. Today we are an internationally successful TV and video production company who offer a large range of services, starting from current events and up to major documentary film series. We have at our disposal a strong infrastructure that has continuously grown over the last 30 years and which guarantees that projects are implemented professionally.

In the beginning we hired camera teams to the ORF, which was soon followed by qualified personnel such as cutters, MVR technicians, sound technicians, etc. In the meantime we make highly qualified personnel available, to both the ORF and to German television, in 9 ENG teams and 10 postproduction units as producer and transferer of manpower.

Since the 1990s pre tv has consistently developed the production sector as a second business segment. Next to films for industry and advertising we have produced numerous documentaries and documentary film series for the Austrian and the international television market, such as Stadt-Land Österreich (1996 – 2006), Der steirische Panter (2001), Geschichten aus Österreich (from 2007), Die Rückkehr der Plagen (2007) or Balkanexpress (2008). The objective for the future is the expansion of international co-productions.


Pre tv sees itself as a creative pool for people who have made films their focus in life. Our team consists of 70 permanently employed members and numerous freelancers who work closely together with us. They distinguish themselves through expertise gained over years, high flexibility and empathy for people. The synergy of production and services enables our personnel to fall back on a variety of acquired practical experience which profoundly characterizes our corporate culture. Quality for us is always a matter of attitude that is reflected in the enthusiasm for the product and the orientation toward people.


Pre tv has offices in Vienna and Graz. Nikolaus Wisiak, MA, has been director of the company since 1996.

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