Professional Implementation in the Service of Our Customers

Thirty years of hiring teams to the ORF and international television stations speaks for itself. Pre tv is one of the largest and most experienced companies in the industry, whose success is due to its reliability, professionalism and creativity.

The pre tv camera teams have been providing up-to-the-minute pictures from politics and current events ever since the ORF introduced the model of the ENG (Electronic News Gathering) teams in the early 1980s. Up to five teams are on the road each day with their own equipment to gather contributions for lending visual effect to editorial presentations in many television stations. This requires a high degree of flexibility and tolerance of stress, as well as empathy for people, starting from high-ranking politicians and up to Mr and Mrs Austria – qualities that distinguish our personnel.

Regular orders from private TV stations such as RTL, PRO7 or the public television stations proves that our well-trained teams are valued not only by the ORF but internationally.


Depending on requirement, our teams produce in the following formats: Mpeg-IMX, Digital Betacam or HD-CAM.


As transferer of manpower in the industry pre tv makes available highly skilled personnel. Around 48 members of our staff are employed by the ORF as contract personnel. Aside from a total of nine ENG teams, also specialists in video post-processing such as cutters or MVR technicians.